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SAMSS Home · SAMSS Descripción: 35 Author: Cherukunnon Jubu. 29 downloads Views KB Size. Report. Materials System Specification SAMSS API Line Pipe Materials and Corrosion Control Standards Committee Members Anezi. SAMSS Carbon Steel Pipes On-Plot – abr – Materials System in accordance with Saudi Aramco specification SAMSS

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The manufacturer, trade name and type of weld wires and fluxes used for the PQR shall be specified on the WPS as essential variables. Acceptance criteria shall be as per Table 1 below: In addition, the first produced pipe shall be tested after changing the production line equipment settings.

Acceptance criteria for base metal, weld metal and Heat Affected Zone shall be 34 J minimum for the average of three specimens and 27 J minimum for individual values based on full size specimen.


Shielded Metal Arc Welding is an acceptable process for carrying out weld repairs. The drain and vent connections shall be piped samss to approximately mm below the operating level and shall terminate in a horizontally-installed block valve fitted with an NPT-threaded steel plug. See Annex N, Only electrodes identified on the repair welding procedure shall be used.

The primary compatibility item is the requirement for killed steel and 0. This testing is required to prevent blocking of asmss ultrasonic testing beam during weld inspection. The heat treatment shall not cause any adverse effect on the mechanical properties and pipe roundness.


Pseudo-HIC Resistant steel shall not be used to fabricate equipment intended for sour service application.

On SAW pipe, local out-of-roundness deviation from the normal cylindrical contour of the seam shall not exceed 0. Use of two or more wires is accepted as equal to two welding passes. Should the Vendor’s HIC test results be rejected by Saudi Aramco, re-testing may be referred to an independent 3rd party laboratory acceptable to Saudi Aramco for resolution.

However, two additional joints of pipe or pieces of plate may be selected at random from the same heat for further testing. Annex B, N and O shall apply for all purchase orders. Aamss K is mandatory for all seamless pipes irrespective of service. This class is for gas, two-phase flow, and liquid lines such as NGL, whose vapor pressure exceeds psia.

If the electrode is under matching with respect to the strength of the samsa material, 0335 in batch number of the electrode shall be an essential variable.

One set of three specimens is required for HIC testing.


Remember me Forgot password? If one or both of the retest groups fail to meet the acceptance criteria, the heat shall be rejected and materials specified in the Asmss Order shall either be tested heat by heat or rejected entirely at the discretion of the Vendor.

This laboratory shall use HIC test methods and control samples in accordance samsd this specification. This annex is mandatory for all seamless pipes irrespective of service. Page 23 of 28 Document Responsibility: The acceptance criteria for laminar imperfection shall be in accordance with ISO However, two additional joints of pipe or pieces of plate may be selected at from the same heat for further testing.


When a seat sealant injection fitting is required, a check valve shall be installed in the body wall under the sealant injection fitting. Page 7 of 28 Document Responsibility: Brand name of “G” consumable, if used, is an essential variable.

The cover shall be attached sams machine bolts with a nut and washer fitted on the inside of the flange. The following shall be ensured for transportation of pipes by road: Page 21 of 28 Document Responsibility: Page 22 of 28 Document Responsibility: Pipes shall be stored on wooden bearing strips.

Gear operators for quarter turn valves shall be equipped with a self-locking system. This stripe is intended to provide identification until the pipe is installed. The value shall be marked on each end on both the I. For other properties, the more samas specification applies in each case. For thicknesses in excess of 1. Isolated longitudinal cracks i. Page 24 of 28 Document Responsibility: