The AA Assurance Standard (AA AS) is a standard for assessing and strengthening the credibility and quality of an organisation’s social, economic. The standard is often used in combination with the AA Assurance Standard ( AA AS), which forms the basis for third-party assurance. AccountAbility Assurance Standard: Sustainability Reporting & Verification AA is a publicly available framework for sustainability reporting.

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The AA Framework details how an organisation can map its stakeholders, and build a systematic process of stakeholder engagement. AccountAbility requests only that the knowledge gained through its use be freely shared to maintain an ongoing, open-source process of learning from experience, revisions and upgrades to AA AS. The standard is not only a commonly referenced framework for sustainability management, but also serves as the basis for external assurance on sustainability reports.

Stakeholder engagement guided by the Standard will benefit from having all staff involved. Assurance levels may depend on the extent and quality of a number of issues: The purpose assuurance the AAAP standard is to provide organisations with a practical set of guiding principles with which they can assess, manage, improve and communicate their sustainability performance. Accountability have created materials and packages of support to help organisations build effective approaches xtandard stakeholder engagement.

AA AS is available on a non-proprietary assutance for members and non-members. Alignment with GRI Standards For organizations that prepare their sustainability report in accordance with the GRI Standards, the addition of the fourth principle does not change much in terms of reporting requirements: A range of assurajce and forums supports the AA series:.

Guidance notes provide more detailed guidance to support all users of the AA series.

AA1000 Assurance Standard

For business, this would include employees and owners, as well as those stakeholders who historically have had little influence over decision-making and yet are impacted, often profoundly, by business az1000.

Stakeholder engagement is central to the AA AS.

The level of assurance is expected, although not required, to increase over time as information and underlying systems and processes for accounting for performance mature. Standarc framework enables organizations to identify, understand and respond to sustainability issues, as well as to report on them and to be accountable to all stakeholders. Requirement of disclosure by assurance practitioner about their independence impartiality and competencies.


Primary purpose Summary Potential benefits Who can use the tool?

It seeks to instil a standad of continuous development through stakeholder responsiveness. To this, a fourth principle has been added: Upon request, we also provide inhouse workshops on the implementation of the AA principles.

Recognition in industries around the globe.

External Assurance Providers have the potential to be expensive for some organisations although they focus on what really matters i. The previous version of the standard comprises three guiding principles:. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

DQS CFS – Audits & Certification

assurancf In an age where aa10000 any company claims sustainability, third party verification of sustainability reports is becoming increasingly important. AccountAbility, in partnership with the International Register for Certificates Auditors IRCAlaunched the first international Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioner CSAP programme, which provides the first multistakeholder-defined professional competency framework in this area built on an AA platform and supports harmonisation by providing standarr with a basis for benchmarking and individual certification.

Sign up for free newsletters and updates. The standard, including a full description of the principles, can be downloaded from the AccountAbility website free of charge. What resources are needed? The Responsiveness Principle requires an organisation to provide evidence that it has coherently responded to stakeholder concerns, policies and relevant standards — this includes public response but also management of identified material issues i. AA AS was created by the not-for-profit professional institute, AccountAbility, which offers assurance-related services to its members through working in partnership.

Since its inception in assurace, AccountAbility has taken an approach to quality focused on the interests of the stakeholder, or those impacted by the organisation.

Staff time Significant time will be required to compile, analyse and write up information and implement action, although some flexibility exists depending on how much assurance an organisation wishes to give and how it is interpreted.


We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Global network of auditors and offices. Find out more here. The standard is often used in combination with the AA Assurance Standard AA ASwhich forms the basis for third-party assurance on sustainability reports. The Principles Organizations that submit their sustainability report to standdard assurance in accordance with AA should be aware of the changes in the AA Principles, aa0100 those principles are the basis for the assurance process.

What DQS can do for you. External assurance increases the sa1000 and credibility of sustainability reports and gives stakeholders the confidence that reports provide an accurate and complete picture of your sustainability performance.

AA Assurance Standard – NEF Consulting

Organisations need to be committed to acting on stakeholder concerns and suggestions by the Assurance Provider. Who can use AA AS? Credibility can be considerably enhanced through independent external assurance, using accepted professional standards. For organizations that prepare their sustainability report in accordance with the GRI Standards, the addition of the fourth principle does not change much in terms of reporting requirements: All AA principles must be wtandard by any organisation wishing to use the Standard.

Key features of AA AS are:. The previous version of the standard comprises three guiding principles: Developing the AA series is an ongoing task, continuously subject to refinement and additions reflecting latest developments and feedback from stakeholders. Top of Page Previous: A number of publications and research reports directly related to AA Series are available for all users. Assurance includes the communication of the results of this evaluation to provide credibility to the subject matter for its users.

Development, ownership and support AA AS is available on a non-proprietary basis standxrd members and non-members. Organizations a1a000 have implemented a1000 AccountAbility Principles have the opportunity to increase the credibility of their sustainability reports with an assessment according to AAAS.