Andy Borowitz. Follow Storyteller. Andy Borowitz is a comedian and writer whose work appears in The New Yorker as The Borowitz An Unexpected Twist. If you’ve read my book An Unexpected Twist and enjoyed it, would you consider sharing this page about the book on your timeline so your friends can find out. The very funny Andy Borowitz joins us to take a look at a very serious intestinal ailment that almost killed.

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It made me tear up for a second. Throughout the book he has to go into so many doctor appointments and surgeries.

This book can be read in 5 or 10 minutes. Though, there were several tired and lazy moments in the humor department as well. Jul 24, Jordan nuexpected it it was ok Shelves: This hardly counts as a book. An Unexpected Twist is in equal parts harrowing and hilarious — and a moving affirmation twkst what it means to be alive. It’s basically the author’s account of a random and life threatening medical situation he found himself in a few years back.

Book of Interest: An Unexpected Twist by Andy Borowitz

Very enjoyable short story. Makes it a far more joyful read. Its a 99 cent Kindle e-reader. It was a great short story that deals with some funny parts but mostly serious parts. Okay, so while this borowiyz condition is no laughing matter, there where definite laughs here, right along with real scares.

Andy Borowitz: An Unexpected Twist | 3 Quarks Daily

I have no idea how to rate it as it is, as one reviewer puts it, more of a blog post than a book. This is a short story and took me about 10 minutes to read.


Andy Borowitz almost died, but lived to tell this stranger-than-fiction tale. Feb 23, Vincent rated it it was amazing.

An Unexpected Twist by Andy Borowitz

Feb 25, Teresa rated it really liked it Shelves: I know what it’s like not to be “allowed” to talk about it all, by the perception you are somehow whining or at least trying to explain some of that to people that wish y This was a short retelling of a very serious health issue-that struck out of the blue for the writer- that probably deserves a book. Some highlights with spoilers: Felt more like an essay.

Anyway it was a good read because three times I’ve been told I was going to be put through a temporary colostomy and in all three cases my husband refused the surgery-this put me at great risk but he wasn’t going to have THAT in HIS life. This is the best story about someone’s colon surgeries I’ve borowirz read. I instantly realize that I’m anxy dealing with Dr.

This is not a book! Borowitz for infusing humor into a near-death experience. Guess I’ll have to read it again. Perhaps it had something to do with my mindset at the time, but I didn’t particularly enjoy this. And yet here we are. The intake nurse on duty says, “Can you borowihz your pain from one through ten?

Disturbingly, each new doctor is higher on the medical hierarchy at the hospital than the last, until I’m pretty sure that the next person who comes in to see me will be Hippocrates, twisf location 42 She and I met two years before, at a party thrown by a mutual friend. Dec 31, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: I can’t wait to read more from Andy! But if they were asleep, how do they know they felt pain? The one sndy rating is genuine.


Feb 21, Anita rated it really liked it. Mar 05, Emily rated it really liked it. Trivia About An Unexpected Twist. He’s a quick read and a good writer. Feb 21, Jen Quintanilla rated it liked it. Feb 18, Jason rated it did not like it Shelves: What a great short read! When the party was over, my book was the only one that nobody bothered to take. The author writes with a good sense of humor and it’s easy to empathize with him ywist root for him.

This book totally lived up to the rave reviews I had read of it. The ending was a bit flat but a good way to spend the minutes between 7: My colon now untwisted — by hand, the artisanal way – location 94 My anesthesiologist explains that, in addition to the general anesthesia, I will have an epidural stuck into the base of my spine to block off any feeling in my abdominal region: