Example of pitting after corrosion testing in accordance with ASTM G48 Method A . The test temperature of 22 °C is too aggressive for lean duplex grades such. Dear experts, The subjected testing was performed on Duplex steel for welding procedure qualification at testing temperature of 22C for. Abstract ASTM G48 – “Standard Test Methods for Pitting and Crevice Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels and Related Alloys by Use of Ferric Chloride.

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Not sure what you need? No matter what, the stake wont go down Prof Crisi It is, like it is. However all tests have to be documented, results v48 be assessed by client and fabricators, with the Maximum Engineering Integrity of the components being the prime mtehod.

Samples shall not be pickled or passivated prior to test. I only know that I know nothing. Namely, that flux cored wires can show methkd quite different behaviour in both welding- and metallurgical aspects compared to solid wires.

G2MT Laboratories

Consequently, the degree of corrosion damage that occurs during testing will generally be greater than that in natural environments in any similar time period.

The futures history books will reflect a much different book than the present’s history. It is refered to as cage fighting due to the fact that they fight in an octagonal chain link “cage” as can be seen in the web sites below. Why thank you Billy!!! I still think you do not methid it. Your disagreement with my viewpoint: Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard.


Proceedings of an International Conference Submersible Technology: Nanjing, I have to separate my reply to you into two different parts.

Where you cut a sample and grind the surfaces, no pickle or passivation allowed, and test in ferric chloride? The test solution is actually quite aggressive, certainly more so than the materials would be subjected to in normal service.

However, the G48 test is meant for ranking or qualification, and not as designed for determining a corrosion rate over time. For your information the test temperature of the G48’s were 40C. I thought we at least agreed to stop hurling insults at each other starting especially in the open part of the forum At long last we come to know or at least I come to know what Metrode have to say about their specification attached to one of nanjing’s posting on another thread on this same subject.

If testing protocol isn’t the problem I would look at composition and solution treatment for answers. Method D — Critical crevice temperature test for nickel-base and chromium-bearing alloys. Grinding or pickling on stainless steel surfaces may destroy the passive layer. I jethod this pretty well backs up everything I have said on this subject. I am not a chemical engineer but common sense would indicate that if it is used in an methid corrosion test it must be aggressive. We hired an independant 3rd party to perform corrosion testing to G48 Method A as per client requirements but by mistake 3rd party booked the specimen to A and testing was done also to A and result is OK.

Corrosion Testing to ASTM G48 using Method A – Corrosion engineering – Eng-Tips

We’ll be the World Champions for the 6th time. Unfortunately, if the client wants a 72 hour test, that is their prerogative.


Client is not accepting the results and require to perform the testing to G48 Method A for 72 hours. This test method is designed solely for detection of the precipitation of detrimental intermetallic phases in duplex stainless steels.

ASTM G48 Method A-Corrosive Testing #4

It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. By rodofgod Date Contact our corrosion experts today! Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members! Peer reviewed only Published between: Most people think that university professors must know all what’s written on the Book of Universe since its creation.

This test method does not determine the critical pitting temperature or test for the suitability for use in a particular environment.

All sample surfaces must be freshly ground with no further treatment. Not logged in American Welding Society Forum. Happy New Year too All! Other units are given in parentheses for information only.

By mehhod Date When using stainless and duplex steels, ASTM G48 is widely used to ensure the quality of the material and resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion. I am not a chemical engineer but common sense would indicate that if it is used in an accelerated corrosion test it must be aggressive. Practice A does not use acid.