Athenagoras was a late 2nd century Christian apologist who wrote a defense of Christianity called _A Plea for the Christians_. It’s contents are revealing of what. A Plea for the Christians [Athenagoras of Athens] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Athenagoras (c. – c. AD) was a Father of the. Of these but two have survived: his Plea Regarding Christians and his Treatise on the Resurrection. From their titles we [[@Page]]gather that Athenagoras.

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Athenagoras of Athens – Wikipedia

The male cattle, if clean, and the male calves, are used for sacrifice by the Egyptians universally; but the femalesthey are not allowed to sacrificesince they are sacred to Isis. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The Athenians also perform religious rites and celebrate mysteries in honour of Agraulus and Pandrosus, women who were deemed guilty of impiety for opening the box. For he is not in the world, because it belongs to the other; nor about the world, for God the Maker of the world is above it.

If it is objected that the God of this world is composed of a number of other gods, Athenagoras suggests, then it can be pointed out that this God is uncreated, therefore indestructible and impassable that is, it cannot be affected in any way by anything else—it stands outside the order of naturebut this implies that it is indivisible, and so has no parts.

Also the Manner of the Instruction of the Logos. Of the Pugilists and Gladiators. For poets and philosophersas to other subjects so also to this, have applied themselves in the way of conjecture, moved, by reason of their affinity with the afflatus from Godeach one by his own soulto try whether he could find out and apprehend the truth ; but they have not been found competent fully to apprehend it, because they thought fit to learn, not from God concerning Godbut each one from himself; hence they came each to his own conclusion respecting Godand matter, and forms, and the world.

Attend, I beg, to a few words on this subject.

However, in the times anterior to them it was otherwise; then Egypt had gods for its rulers, who dwelt upon the earth with men, one being always supreme above the rest. For how could figures be made without matter or an artificer? Man is made of body and soul, and this unity is broken by death and raised anew by resurrection 14 As regards Zeus again: Concluding Statement as to the Author.

Maybe nothing could rule it out, since whatever might would fall into the world of some God, under some set of Forms, and we are talking about what can happen outside those conditions.


Athenagoras Pleads for Christians

And if something has been said by the poets, too, about the giants, be not surprised at this: Nay, they are even the hired servants of men: As a loyal subject of the emperors Athenagoras asks them for a prescript ordering judges normally provincial governors to examine the conduct of Christians and “not pay attention to meaningless labels or to false charges from the prosecution.

Tahenagoras Words and Phrases. For, according to him, water was the beginning of all things, and from water mud was formed, and from both was produced an animal, a dragon ;lea the head of a lion growing to it, and between the two heads there was the face of a god, named Heracles and Kronos. But that it is not our belief alone that bodies will rise ple, but that many philosophers also hold the same view, it is out of place to show just now, lest we should be thought to introduce topics irrelevant to the matter in hand, either by speaking of the intelligible and the sensible, and the nature of these respectively, chrustians by contending that the incorporeal is older than the corporeal, and that the intelligible precedes the sensible, although we become acquainted with the latter earliest, since the corporeal is formed athenagoraas the incorporeal, by the combination with it of the intelligible, and that the sensible is formed from athenagorxs intelligible; for nothing hinders, according to Pythagoras and Platothat when the dissolution of bodies takes place, they should, from the very same elements of which they were constructed at first, be constructed again.

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Athenagoras is not mentioned by early historians. He is making all of these claims in order to defend Christians against the charge that they are licentious. Well, perhaps this second God is outside the world, but there is no space outside. Athenagoras states chrjstians man would be more unfavorably situated athenagorad the beasts if there were no resurrection. He wrote that essay as his fellow colleagues doubted about body resurrection, and caused many people to stumble along the understanding of the Christian faith.

Athenagoras states that it cannot be shown that God does not will a resurrection, for there is no injustice in the resurrection.

Designed and Maintained by St. But the prince of matter, as may be seen merely from what transpires, exercises a control and management contrary to the good that is in God: Similarly God is not in want of the will to raise the dead – for it is neither unjust to raise men, nor to restore other beings; nor unworthy of Him – as is shown from the works of creation.


There are only two mentions of him in early Christian literature: But these things are by different persons explained of natural objects in different ways. This first strongly-reasoned argument for the unity of God in Christian literature is supplemented by an able exposition of the Trinity.

Athenagoras refuted this by describing the Christians’ belief in the one true God. Athenagooras is shown by Plato himself: He clarifies that Christians are loyal to governors, praying for their stability and goodness.

Though honored as eloquent and skilled in his defense of the Christian faith, he is sometimes accused of Montanist leanings because he refers to the remarriage of a athsnagoras as “a cloaked adultery.

Pleq the myths and Dan Brown’s fabricated story, Paul Pavao will show you the sources, documents, an….


Given how little we know or can know about how the best possible world would go, the hypothesis is of little use, though. Christianity is a divine Supreme Declaration, as it is shown in The athfnagoras lives; which is not a human proof. What need is there, in speaking to you who have searched into every department of knowledgeto mention the poets, or to examine opinions of another kind?

If any one, therefore, is more savage than the brutes, what punishment that he can endure shall be deemed adequate to such offenses? Which leaves me with this on my mind: It stands behind the temple against the back wall, which it entirely covers. Why, the very men who charge us with atheism for not admitting the same gods as they acknowledge, athenaggoras not agreed among themselves concerning the gods.

They are nothing but earth, and stones, and matter, and curious art.

And first, as to our not sacrificing: And yet we have slaves, some more and some fewer, by whom we could not help being seen; but even of these, not one has been found to invent even such things against us. Wretched Paris, though in form so fair, You slave of woman —. While the way he talks athenagorss the Spirit maintains the Scriptural under-emphasis of the Spirit He is not mentioned nearly with the frequency of the Father and the Son the following teaches that Athenagoras affirms the Personhood and distinct nature of the Spirit: He not only aligns himself with the best that had been thought and said by the Greeks, but he also seeks to express himself in a form that would commend his message to the cultured.

And this is also for our advantage, that we may lead a peaceable and quiet life, and may ourselves readily perform all that is commanded us.