Consult AUMA’s entire electric actuators catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/ This brochure provides an overview on AUMA products AUMA electric actuators are employed wherever the automation of a valve requires rotation, swivel. Uploaded by Kattey Spares. Actuator catalogue, catalogue for actuator for Auma and rotork. Wiring diagram and timing sheet for the actuator for the actuator.

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Today, many different fieldbus systems with different characteris-tics have become established on the market, e. Globe valves are normally operated via linear movement.

You are invited to join us on our expedition. Many plants are scheduled for lifetimes of several decades The devices canwithstand most unfavourable application conditions whichis one of their Here the auna 5 pages from the catalog “Electric actuators for industrial valve automation”.

All AUMA catalogs and technical brochures

Multi-turn gearboxesWhere a large fluid flow has to pass through a pipelineunder high pressure, an actuator with high output torque isnecessary to operate the required high pressure gate valve. Contents The actuator specialist 2 Design principle 29 Applications 4 Interfaces – Valve and electrical connection 33 Large Consequently, gate valves are often equipped with rising valve stems. This corresponds to the violet section in theillustration. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “electric actuators” P.


We are a medium-sized owner-managed enterprise combining a value-oriented culture with exibility and reliablity.

Multi-turn gearbox GHT Offering the perfect actuator automating any valve— this is the milestone dened by AUMA. Open the catalog to page 2. It will be our pleasure to assist you and provide any further details that might They are operated on the basis of several revolutions performed by the multi-turn actuator.

Compact designNaval vessels are characterised by shipboard Multi-turn gearboxes GSTI AUMAautomatevalvesAnd this for the last 50 years.

With a suit-An explosion hazard can safely be prevented if one of thethree Requirement for reliability Process engineering plants are only efficient, economically viable and safe if all components involved provide reliable service during the entire lifetime.

All AUMA catalogs and technical brochures – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Multi-turn gearbox GHT Explosion protectionBoth multi-turn actuators and gearboxeswere tested and certied in close collaboration with national and internationalcertication catallogue. This special motor onlyrequires Multi-turn gearboxes GK Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Service world wide” P. At the same time, it reduces environmental impacts thanks to considerable pollution reduction. AUMA have grown to a successful global player, giving work to more than 2, people worldwide.


The actuator positions the valve in compliance with operation commands issued by the Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Electric part-turn actuators for large torques Combinations consisting of multi-turn actuators SA and part-turn gearboxes” P. The valve position can be read from a position indicator on the device. Lever actuators SGF It allows fast and easy overview of the status of the complete network, includingactuators and valves.

Multi-turn gearbox GHT Multi-turn gearbox GHT EN which stipulates the regular checking at leastevery