Battlefield 3 Premium eGuide. $ This guide is not available for purchase. Strategy for every DLC pack (Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, Armored Kill. PRO Welcome to the official game guide for Battlefield 3. If you’re a veteran of Wake Island, Karkand, Verdun, or Arica Harbor, you know why weVe But it’s back by popular demand and it really changes the pace of the game, especially if . Check out 6 new screenshots from the BF3 Back to Karkand DLC! . Battlefield is happy to bring you the first images of the official Battlefield 3 Prima Guide.

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In the default configuration, the pilot can fire rockets whiie the gunner controls the chin-mounted chain gun. Tactical Light A Tactical Light lights up the dark environments with white tight, in close quarters, the Tactical Light can disorient and temperarily blind others, but can also reveal your position. There are no vehicle unlocks or Icadout options for transport helicopters.

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The icon turns green when you’re standing over a suitable area — it turns red when standing on rough terrain. Most egukde posts on the Planet Battlefield Forums The rich just keep on taking mo Friday, 28 October, — Planet Battlefield News.

This not only reduces your chances of being spotted, but it also increases accuracy and stability. Their greatest defensive asset Is their speed and off-road capability.

The time it takes to reload these weapons can be reduced by applying Autoloader to both the pilot and gunner upgrade slots.

Don’t worry about damaging an M-COM station with C4, as these objectives can nc longer be damaged with anything other than a manually placed charge applied by the nattlefield.


The rich just keep on taking more and more – last reply by vaxx86 on Aug 15, But these vehicles are designed for the sole purpose of shooting down enemy aircraft. The reason for the change was made to make sure all platforms were completed for release.

Battlefield 3 Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide [Prima] | eBay

A remotely controlled explosive ordinance disposal robot allows the engineer to repair and damage vehicles like a normal Repair Tool, but can also arm and disarm explosives and MCOM stations in Rush. A single M can supply suppressive fire equivalenf to 15 riflemen. S-1 – JIfc Bill V.

The more you use a vehicle from a particular class, the more points you earn. Accuracy and stability can be improved significantly by firing from a prone position with a Bipod. You can slightly steer the parachute with standard movement inputs. Tanks and iFVs are best suited for taking oiit these vehicles.

Not only does this inflict minimal damage, but the kfficial crew is likely to spot the launch of the missile, resulting in a quick retaliation.

All players [including enemies] have a life meter below their name, allowing you to see exactly how much health they have.

However, be prepared to fend off frequent strafing runs by US jets and attack helicopters, particularly early during the round. Since this is the only kit equipped with explosives, support players are also effective at taking out enemy vehicles with C4, either through direct application or through the creation of car bombs.

This is a powerful anti-tank mine, effective against any ground vehicle. The weapon is also capable of being suppressed, and therefore has excellent close-combat stealth performance. With low recoil and a high rate of fire, the M16 is a good medium-range weapon. At the very least, find an isolated piece of cover before initiating a reload.


Battlefield 3 – Back to Karkand Prima Official eGuide

Many clones and copies of the M exist, and the internal action is used in nearly all modern pistols. In this section we take a look at the basic gameplay mechanics as well as the different multiplayer game modes.

The recon kit’s T-UGS motion sensor can automatically place targets on the minimap as well. Reviving teammates earns you a Revive bonus, boosting your score significantly, especially if you make the resurrection business a full-time job.

Guided Shell Weapon 33, A smart target-activated fire and forget shell that can lock on to and track enemy land vehicles battlfield can acquire laser-designated targets even if they are out of tine of sight. As in any conquest match, don’t stretch your team too thin, especially if playing with fewer than 32 players. The deployable Ammo Box refills ammunition for nearby soldiers.

This is a pewerful, indirect fire weapon capable of lobbing high-explosive and smoke rounds great distances. Rank 7 [Lance Corporal II]: This G17C has been equipped with an integral Laser Sight that makes unaimed itre more accurate. G2mm NATO caliber, the MK11 Mod 0 features a longer, egide, free-floating barrel, enhanced rail system and provisions to mount a sound suppressor. While the engineer is strong against vehicles, the kit’s carbines are a bit underpowered, particularly at long range.