View and Download Uniden BCDXT user manual online. Trunktracker. BCDXT Barcode Reader pdf manual download. Uniden BCDXT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Uniden BCDXT User Manual, Owner’s Manual. The BCDXT Uniden’s APCO Capable desktop Trunktracker scanner with . on Scanner Master ยท Easier to Read BCDXT Digital Scanner Manual.

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Anything lower will have the reduced performance of previous firmware versions on the T. There are no settings in the scanner to do this. Custom band plans require that you enter both a lower and an upper base frequency value. Resetting the radio- bcd9966xt many of you can do that on the first try? Radio Reference has a good webpage here: The range is typically miles, depending upon the terrain and many other factors.

Band Scope Mode searches a frequency range and displays the signal level in real time.

Uniden BCD996XT Manuals

Firmware Version and Serial Number. To move the cursor to the rightpress 6. Page 96 Never connect any part of the headphone jack to the antenna jack or connect the radio to an installation where the antenna and audio connection are grounded. The trunking system automatically transmits the call on the first available frequency, and also sends on a different frequency called a Data or Control channel a code that uniquely identifies that transmission as a talkgroup ID or just ID.


The current channel is configured as a voice manuxl, but the scanner is receiving data on it. The frequency range is shown in 32 bars determined mznual the center frequency and span.

To make the alert direction-dependent, select a direction of approach. This Mini-manual is an ideal ready reference and memory jogger for programming and operating this full-featured base and mobile scanner. This will prevent the scanner from stopping on them and doing a memory check each time it passes. See also Using Number Tags. You can also temporarily lockout cancel any combination of these alerts.

BCDXT < UnidenMan4 < TWiki

Anything higher than 3 will just act like 3. To toggle Group Quick Keys on or off in another system press and hold to ‘lock’ Function mode. All systems, sites, or search ranges that have a startup key assigned to the one you pressed will be unlocked. Lets manuall search and store frequencies from enabled custom search ranges or a service search range into a conventional system, or new talk group IDs into a trunked system.

Radio Reference is more user-friendly, msnual it’s easier to file: The 1st line bvd996xt the latitude of the current location. Therefore, if someone hit their emergency button and their radio was on talk group 16, all communications would switch to talk group To move the cursor to the leftpress 4.

Uniden BCD996XT User Manual

The display information helps you understand how your scanner operates. In Close Call Only Mode: Set Record enables the Bcd996x jack for marked channels, no channels, or all channels in the system.


Storing a Displayed Frequency. Continue at Edit Name below. Then the scanner scans the system called ‘Close Call’. Operating the controls Each button has at least two different actions which you control using the key combinations explained below. Scroll to ‘ Rvw ID: If you do not press ‘ Func ‘, the scanner will return to scanning after ‘pause’ times out.

This type of system encodes all trunking information as digital subaudible data that accompanies each transmission. Combining for Efficiency Because many trunked systems have both multiple antenna sites and multiple agencies with differing geographic boundaries, you may want to combine the approaches: Set Number Tag allows you to number a system. Quickly press Hold to stay on the frequency.

The left side of the 2nd line displays the current speed. Any analog transmissions will lose the first part of the transmission, up to the wait time you set here.

You can assign number tags to systems, channels, service searches, and custom search ranges. To toggle Group Quick Keys on or off in current system press then the number key assigned to the group.