She does better at stand-up comedy than she did at her Comedy Central show The Sarah Silverman Program, which was just juvenile humor. This book does. From the outrageously filthy and oddly innocent comedienne Sarah Silverman comes a memoir—her first book—that is at once shockingly personal, surprisingly . In a new memoir, Sarah Silverman talks about her childhood, “The Bedwetter” is a mostly cohesive narrative of how a rebellious comic.

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There are so many critics and people are happy to bash you about the smallest of offensive jokes. View all 13 comments. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. She becomes a revered novelist but eventually kills herself by jumping out of a window. Topics Sarah Silverman The Observer. View all 10 comments.

Interview With Sarah Silverman: Advice for Bedwetters Everywhere!

Fished this from a dollar bin, and I was surprised at how much I liked it. She also shares her battle with depression, and the fact that she felt like an outsider as a young Jewish girl in her home state of New Hampshire.

For one thing I was very touched by the suffering of a bedwetter. I thought the book was really funny, even if Sarah reiterated perhaps a few hundred too many times that she is, in fact, Jewish Chapters jump from problems with depression, to the loss of her virginity, to a terrible dress that she wore, then back to sex again. Overall though, I enjoyed listening to this audiobook, certainly more than I thought I would at the outset, but nothing in here would becwetter me back to re-read it.



Sarah writes her own foreward sikverman “midword,” thus breaking one publishing rule and establishing a new one, and has God write the afterword. I get up with the other girls, take off my PJs like the other girls, and change bedwetterr my clothes. But really, who cares?

I thought about it, then said, “I feel homesick. One night I sat on bewdetter lap in his chair by the woodstove, sobbing. He had me stand with one foot on each chair, explaining that one represented my mother and the other, my dad.

I saw my mother, waiting with the other moms, smiling. Biography books Autobiography and memoir reviews. It’s hard to escape the sense that she is so determined to avoid the slightest hint of self-pity that she stops short of saying anything really meaningful, though she makes explicit the connection between her unhappiness at school and her apparently fearless desire to make audiences laugh: It fed this tyrant in me that just wanted more more more, push push push.

Interview With Sarah Silverman: Advice for Bedwetters Everywhere! | HuffPost

It’s uneven, but I got a sense of who Silverman might be: I’ve had a lot of little things. And then, in the summer before my last year of high school, I had my first experience of live comedy.

OK, thirteen year olds. Paris hasn’t been in the spotlight much these days; what do you for see her doing in the future? Silverman writes about her growing up wetting her bed until age My period came late, my ability not to go off like a fucking lawn sprinkler every night came late, and sex came late.


So, it’s pretty much what you’d expect if you saw Jesus is Magic. I’d never been inside a comedy club before, and I was underage, but somehow I weaselled my way in. I’m a Sarah Silverman fan, and I enjoyed her in this book, though it was scattered and uneven. While not the best-written, most well-constructed piece of literature, it is however unabashedly honest and revealing.

Show 25 25 50 All. Beedwetter Perry is a racist or was that a joke? While this is just a rough guess, I’d say the first half of the book was literary comedic genius.

A lot more of it. Mostly what we learn from this is Sarah was depressed as a child, then moved to New York where her dad paid her rent while she tried to become a comic but mostly slept around and did drugs.

Oct 05, Naksed rated it liked it Shelves: Sarah Silverman has a horse-ish face and is proud of it. Dare I say this?