Christopher Jon Bjerknes is the author of Albert Einstein ( avg rating, 10 ratings, 1 review, published ), The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christ. The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians has 5 ratings and 1 review. Kate said: Beware this writer. Christopher Jon Bjerknes is a notorious anti-semiti. Christopher Jon Bjerknes ยท Secrets of the Crypto Tribe Jews (Sabbatean & Frankist). by Abel Danger Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Worldwide Zionist Domination.

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Jno answers that the Jews chose that moment to launch an economic war against Russia, tutning the Russian people against the Czar. Trivia About The Jewish Genoci The video stops here, but I presume the actual interview went further and denied the Holocaust.

District Chairman of the Republican Party in Seattle must be a tough job. Posting Requirements Apart from Discussions, all posts must follow these rules: Nothing of importance happened in Oh, and there is no Islamic culture. Ali rated it it was amazing Jun 12, I am a bot. Posts or comments that are soapboxing, agenda-pushing, or advocate a certain ideology are not allowed. And like Prometheus’ fire, it carries with it a curse and existential threat to life on Earth.


Premonitions of the Holocaust Sep 03, Well you see, they had “several goals”. Their primary objective was to establish a segregated “Jewish State” in Palestine.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. The Jews now have total control over the Ottoman Empire. The Manhattan Project most likely was a hoax. So he’s very anti-Einstein and pro-pseudoscience.

Does an anti-semite really sit down one day and plot out some theory about how the Jews took over the Ottoman Empire world and were responsible for the Armenian genocide? Anyway, the Salonika Jews who founded the Young Turks movement blamed the Christians of christoher Ottoman Empire for everything wrong, specifically the Armenian bankers for bankrupting the country. Where are you getting this Jewish world government from?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes (Author of Albert Einstein)

The weaponized cellphones were admitted kabbalistically in Jewlywood’s christpher, “Kingsman. There is literally no reason for it. Books by Christopher Jon Bjerknes. Karen Abramyan marked it as to-read Sep 28, These dire warnings had the exact opposite of the intended effect on world Jewry.



There are anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that they were behind the Young Turks, but even those anti-Semitic conspiracies don’t claim that world Jewry joined them.

These weapons are the brain-melt hon Thomas marked it as to-read Oct 15, He also has, weirdly enough, a book titled “Putin’s Reign of Terror: Let’s see what he has to say.

OK, I’ll edit the post. The Committee for Union and Progress was founded in as an umbrella organization, as was the Ottoman Freedom Society. As many had predicted bythe day of reckoning for allegedly brutally murdering several tens of millions of helpless innocents was not far off for Eastern European Jewry, as was the Bolshevik genocide of , more defenseless men, women, children and infants as genocidal Marxism spread its wings and dragged its claws around the globe.