DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, FORGOTTEN REALMS, WIZARDS OF THE COAST, and the Wizards of the Coast logo are registered trademarks owned by. Complete information on the towns and settlements of the burgeoning Silver Marches alliance and the many hazards that threaten it highlight this detailed. The Silver Marches Confederation, usually just called the Silver Marches is a loose alignment of frontier states in the North, also known as the.

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The Master’s Hall is a crowded cluster of huge round stone towers, their battlements bristling with heavy catapults and ballistae.

Silver Marches

Soldiers patrol the courtyard inside the new wall, prohibiting entry to anyone who is not a soldier or is not on on official government business. Wits in Silverymoon joke that Quaervarr is worth having in the alliance simply to preserve its fine inn, The Whistling Stag.

Ecamane Truesilver and his nine apprentices established a school and a library and set about educating the local warriors, trappers, loggers, and fisherfolk. The Everfire and the Undercity Steep, winding passages lead down and down to the Everfire, a volcanic rift beneath the city.

The heart of the Silver Marches is the upper and lower valley of the River Rauvin. Each container is protected by a glyph of warding that is triggered if a chest is opened without first speaking the password. Sorry about the double-pimping. A devout Mielikkian, Helm believes three trees should be planted for every one cut, lest woodcarvers entirely consume the forests they depend on. As more people have returned to the Rauvin Vale and Old Delzoun, both cities have grown.

Many hundreds of refugees from Ascalhorn flooded into the area and took shelter in the town. They get to know their patrol areas very well, scouring every cave and hill-hollow.

Mike Schley | Cartography Prints | The Silver Marches (Artist’s Print)

The city’s voice carries considerable weight among its peers, for nearly all are dependent to some degree on Everlund’s role as the main caravan station in this region. King Emerus Warcrown took control of the citadel, hanging on through the first bitter winter until six hundred shield dwarf reinforcements could march up from the south to join his forces. The Stone Shields police the city under the command of the Watchblade, which also oversees a shadowy network of spies mardhes to citizens as the Watchful.


I would grab the softcover simply because the included foldout map is so good. His firm hand and alert attention to looming problems has led to a reputation as a firm, wise ruler.

It’s a harsh, treeless place, characterized by one visitor as marchess stone and suspicion. The fact that the current Table Titans webcomic season is also set there at Citadel Adbar only feeds into my desire to select that area rather than the Sword Coast or the Dalelands. These are tough times for caravans, but profitable times for ambitious adventurers.

Evermoor Way Evermoor Way begins at the Bridge Gate and winds its way southwest for hundreds of miles, passing between the Evermoors and the High Forest, north of the Dessarin Hills and offering the most direct available route to Waterdeep and the cities of the Sword Coast. The Stone Shields won’t hesitate to forcibly escort suspicious persons to the city’s two large temples, where clerics of Helm or Tyr assist in the questioning with spells such as discern lies or zone of truth.

Offices of many different boards, guilds, and councils crowd the building. Important Sites Despite its size and constant level of activity, Everlund’s physical appearance is a testimony to both its founders and current leaders. Merchants pay it willingly because Helm uses every copper for Sundabar’s defenses, patrols, and civic projects for the common benefit.

The result is an impression of calm and tranquility that belies the many dangers lurking just beyond the city’s walls. He also holds that hunting should be for the table, not sport, and done with care, nurturing the land.


She is the special enemy of Malvin Draga and opposes the Keeper at every turn — a situation Draga finds intolerable. However, I’m trying to stay as far away from Waterdeep really as possible, plus my time playing all the Baldur’s Gates have given me a “been there done that” feeling about the area. Wood elves roaming the eaves of Eaerlann sometimes came here, camping in the forests along the south bank of the river, but otherwise the site was empty.

This city of merchant traders and caravan teams is one of the staunchest supporters of marche league of the Silver Marches. This state of affairs shifted abruptly when, just a few months ago, an unsuspecting hunter discovered gold in the waters of a nearby stream. The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Silver &dd 3E campaign book.

This double-walled, circular fortress city is famous for its miners, master smiths, and woodcarvers.

Retrieved from ” https: Silverymoon is considered the foremost center wilver learning and culture in the North. Silver Marches 3E campaign book I’m beginning my thoughts on my first 5E campaign once the books get released this summer and I wrap up my current 4E game. The other citizens of Sundabar are too numerous and diverse to enumerate here.

In this instance, the old kingdoms are the elven realm of Eaerlann v&d based in the High Forest, the dwarf realm of Delzoun underneath Ascore, and the human empire of Netheril.