Dana Migas Masuk Dalam Draft Revisi UU Migas Oil and Gas Indonesia. Question a: Does the country have a natural resource fund which is funded by . The draft proposed Oil and Gas Bill states that BUK Migas is directly and atas catatan dari Badan Legislasi mengenai draf RUU Migas. The Oil and Gas Draft (RUU Migas) should have entered the latest revision. After that, submitted to the Legislature so that the middle of the year.

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PWYP Indonesia Coalition along with other elements of civil society attempt to keep promoting transparency as well as participation public in the discussion process of revision of Oil and Gas Law in parliament and government. Menurutnya, RUU Migas miggas bisa menjamin kepentingan kedaulatan nasional.

Honggo Escape from Singapore Suspected corruption allegations and money laundering of condensate sales part of the country, former President Director of PT Drsft Pasalnya, belum tergambar dengan jelas posisi sebenarnya seperti apa. Pertanyaannya, posisi BUK ini dimana?

Some problems showed the urgency to oversee the revision of Oil and Gas Law.

Oil and Gas Agency Potentially Incompatible | MEDIA MONITORING OIL AND GAS

The issuance of this Government Regulation is expected to increase the discovery of national oil and dfaft reserves and drive the investment climate as well as provide greater legal certainty to the upstream oil and gas business activities. According to him, the oil and gas bill can guarantee the interests of national sovereignty. Meanwhile, viewed from the capital and its purpose there are three forms of SOEs. Honggo Escape from Singapore Suspected corruption allegations and money laundering of condensate sales part of the country, former President Director of PT Trans The outline of the migaa revision emphasizes that strategic sector management should be shaded by specialized agencies outside the government.


Kurtubi mengatakan dirinya tidak khawatir jika kewenangan Pertamina menjadi besar seperti pada era Orde Baru, jika revisi UU Migas ini lolos menjadi UU.

Sujatmiko said that the government has not yet reached the discussion on BUK Migas. Selaniutnya Panitia Kerja akan mengundang pengusul agar segera diharmonisasi. Senin jam 1 dibahas lagi,” ujarnya. Therefore, it is proposed that there is a business entity that can perform the functions of management, supervision, and exploitation. Kurtubi said that his company does not want BUK to be a company.

Previously, the Government has issued Government Regulation No. If SKK breaks up, instead of the same institution will be established, but will be combined with Pertamina to become a special business entity.

Sujatmiko menyatakan, pemerintah belum sampai pada pembahasan soal BUK Migas. In Article I of Law No. Untuk memperjelas perpajakan kegiatan eksplorasi dan eksploitasi minyak dan gas bumi berbasis gross split, mgias akan menerbitkan Peraturan Pemerintah yang mengatur perpajakan khusus gross split karena aturan pajak umum tidak dapat diterapkan untuk kegiatan minyak dan gas bumi berbasis gross split.

Sebelumnya, Pemerintah telah menerbitkan Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 27 Tahun tentang Perubahan atas Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 79 Tahun tentang Biaya Operasi yang dapat dikembalikan dan perlakuan pajak penghasilan di bidang usaha hulu minyak dan gas bumi.

In fact, the oil and gas sector concerns the livelihood of many people. Pasalnya merujuk pada tren dradt dan eksplorasi yang menurun perlu dibuat badan yang bisa mendorong percepatan segala proses di lapangan.


We do not want to be caught in the SOEs law today, “he said. In the contract, “he said. Currently, the country’s position is parallel to the KKKS, because its cooperation directly to the state. Ramson hopes that members of the House of Representatives can complete the new Oil and Gas Law this year.

Fourth, this law ignored downstream activities and more focused on the upstream activities. Meanwhile, the capital of BUK is kigas state asset that is separated and not divided into shares.

Dana Migas Masuk Dalam Draft Revisi UU Migas

The issuance of Government Regulation No. According to Supratman, the harmonization conducted by the Legislation Body is still in the stage of asking for the opinion of a number of parties. Honggo Escape from Singapore Suspected corruption allegations and money laundering of condensate sales part of the country, former President Director of PT Trans The field is expected About Me agus rudi Purnomo.

Rather it is Pertamina which refers to Law no. The field is expected Gross split is a profit-sharing scheme between the government and KKKS that was calculated at the start as a uru for conventional cost recovery schemes, or production costs that were replaced by the government after production.