EC ELECTRIC CIRCUITS AND ELECTRON DEVICES the equivalent circuit of UJT and explain its operation. Write short notes on light activated SCR. 2nd Semester CSE Notes: 1. Basic civil & Mechanical Notes and Question answers – View. 5. Electron Devices & Electric circuits (EC) – Unit 1 – View /. PH Engineering Physics 2 Anna University Notes: PH Engineering notes (EM notes – ME Notes) – DOWNLOAD EC

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Voltage range over which it can be operated is 1 V or less. It is used in light meters.


Hence tunneling takes place from p to n-side. Thus a barrier is set up against further movement of charge carriers. Algebraically add mesh currents to find current in components nktes multiple mesh currents.

Once when this breakdown occurs the diode gets damaged. To reduce the holding current, it can be turned OFF. Q factor The quality factor, Q, is the ratio of the reactive power in the inductor or capacitor to the true power in the resistance in series with the coil or capacitor. If the system is governed by nth order differential equation, than the system is called nth order system. It can be handled by a photo transistor or a photo diode.


If we consider a circuit containing storage elements which are independent of sources, the response depends upon the nature of the circuit, it is called natural response. PIN diodes are used in microwave switches.

EC2151 Electric Circuits and Electron Devices ECED Notes

It is used in control circuits to control the current. Characteristics of CB configuration The performance of transistors, when connected in a circuit, may be determined from their characteristic curves that relate different d.

Used for entering information into optical computer memories Used for solid video displays. Inverse Laplace transforms permits going back in the reverse ontes i. It differs from the Branch Current method in that it does not use Kirchhoff’s Current Law, and it is usually jotes to solve a circuit with less unknown variables and less simultaneous equations.

It emits light in both visible and IR region. Newer Post Older Post Home. The right hand side of the equations is the current source connected to the respective nodes.

Second Semester Anna University lecturer notes

Write a KCL equation for each node 1,2, Solve for unknown mesh currents simultaneous equations. LCD is a passive type display device used to display alpha numeric character and is seven segment display, watches calculators etc. Node voltage method The node voltage method of analysis solves e2151 unknown voltages at circuit nodes in terms of a system of KCL equations. Therefore, they are used with a.


EC Electric circuits and electron devices Lecture Notes- V+ Edition

SCR characteristics It is ec2115 relationship between the anode —cathode voltage and anode current at different gate current. Its intensity can be controlled easily.

Half Power frequencies The upper and lower cut-off frequencies are called the half-power frequencies. Switching speed is high. The storage elements deliver their energy to the resistances, hence the response changes with time, gets saturated after sometime, and is referred to the transient response.

It is used in light meters. It has nots window and lens which focuses light on the gate junction area. It is used in control circuits to control the current. This diode has negative resistance region. It is made of thin layer of semiconductor material cadmium sulfide.