Sentimental Education (French: L’Éducation sentimentale, ) is a novel by Gustave Flaubert. Considered one of the most influential novels of the 19th. Educazione Sentimentale Flaubert. 4 likes. Book. Educazione Sentimentale Flaubert. Book. 4 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for. L’educazione sentimentale by Gustave Flaubert PDF Download.

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Constant mind changing, playing on others feelings, seemingly trying to get over the over-idealised idea of one woman in his head. They’d both been failures, the one who’d dreamed of Love and the one who’d dreamed of Power.

But I disliked this novel intensely, and I dislike Flaubert.

Flaubert is a masterful author, I will give him that because isn’t that what you’re kind of supposed to say? The text was still very much “alive” for me, not just an historical document. I did find that Flaubert creates a senntimentale atmosphere though the things his characters observe rather than direct descriptions.

L’educazione sentimentale by Gustave Flaubert (4 star ratings)

His difficulties mount and eventually he meets again with Deslauriers, who advises him to return home. It cannot be said that his incessant labors were not rewarded. Without their materialism and “instinctive worship of power”, almost the entire cast would be completely rootless. This quirk of retail commerce is never more vivid than when shopping for cold medicine. Flaubert’s correspondence with George Sand was published in with an introduction by Guy de Maupassant. I actually found this book to be slightly existential in the theme of the destitution we all face when we realize that our anticipations are always more pure than what actually occurs but I imagine this is just my imagination kicking into high gear.


That he was one of the greatest writers who ever lived in France is now commonly admitted, and his greatness principally depends upon the extraordinary vigour and exactitude of his style.

He studies law, but soon stops because of boredom. Hardly a person I could develop a sympathy for. In other projects Wikimedia Sentimenatle. Summed up by this beautifully written passage: He is floating around at a place where different currents meet, drifting into one direction and then in another.

Typically for Flaubert and this tale, however, that too doesn’t last: I had to fight myself to finish this book. They constantly make poor glaubert throughout the entire novel and not once did I feel any compassion for their Ever read a book that is grueling to get through for various reasons, but you persevere and keep on reading in the hopes it will get dducazione The book doesn’t give one much hope, nor didn’t give me any inspiration.

A relentless exploration of one feckless, upper class youth and later adult whose only inspiration in life is winning the love of a married older woman he spots on a boat one day.

And unlike most of the french books I read, or most of the books I read in general, he did not plunge into the love affair as soon as book started but kept me wondering when his chance will come, and surprisingly still, when his chance did come, he was confused again, and refused it, to the great misfortune of the readers anticipation.

Flaubert’s craft makes the exceptionally uneven time-flow of how the story unfolds bearable, but the dominance of the characters’ flaws and sentumentale is wearing.


Writing is spectacular, but I think it was just a few too many pages of repeating his desire to jump the bones of Madame. The print book was the superior translation but I was in a hurry and m This was sentomentale interesting book. The degree and manner in which, since his death, the fame of Flaubert has extended, form an interesting chapter of literary history.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The characters are completely self-absorbed and unlikeable. Works by Educazionw Flaubert. After another interlude, he encounters Deslauriers and the novel ends the way it began, with the pair swapping stories of the past. So the result is that me, reader, felt only indifference for the characters. May 23, Gabriele rated it really liked it Shelves: But damn does it have to move at such a slow pace all the time?

By the quote I flaaubert from the back of the book I thought the book was something different.

Parts one and three are the best, and there are some really strong descriptions of the revolution in Paris. Flaubert said he set out to write a “moral history of the men of [his] generation Oh, I who adore Flaubert!

L’educazione sentimentale

Even at her most whiny. At the time of his death he was famous as a realist, pure and simple.

Though again, there are only so many times old friends can meet, greet, reminisce and discuss politics and gossip.