A Book in Every home – by Ed Leedskalnin (original book scan ) and could be about the same size as Eds other book Magnetic Current. I see a photo of Edward Leedskalnin holding a copy of the book, “A Book In. Edward Leedskalnin (modern Latvian: Edvards Liedskalniņš) (January 12, – December 7, Edward was a sickly boy who often spent time reading books, which helped him to develop an inquisitive mind and .. Ed Leedskalnin’s Magnetic Current illustrated; Māris Goldmanis, Researcher at University of Latvia. Magnetic Current. Edward Leedskalnin. from: $ A Book in Every Home Containing Three Subjects: Ed’s Sweet Sixteen, Domestic and Political Views.

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Ed got lucky, his works have emerged as two of the world’s most mysterious creations. It looks like you’re new here. In Magnetic Current and complimentary writings, Leedskalnin provides instruction through experimentation and lecture into the interactions of the individual North and South pole magnet, a magnetic unipole.


Feel free to let me know if you disagree with my “theory” – there’s a good chance I might be wrong. Live ScienceNovember 8, It remains stationary in the middle, edsard the electron has to run around it. The true essence of duality is a singularity. Leedskalnin became interested in the general theory of magnetism.

That can be seen by connecting each of two pieces of leedskaknin iron wire with each terminal of a car battery, and then by putting together and pulling away each loose end of the soft iron wire. Edward Leedskalnin On Education: I think the flashes are caused by North and South pole magnets which are hitting and breaking the atom orbit, while the magnets are circulating in and around the earth.


A Book in Every home – by Ed Leedskalnin (original book scan 1936)

From Ed’s “Magnetic Currents” Depending on the size sometimes, I have to wait five minutes before I can see a flash. It is well known that it is many times easier for the magnets to run in metal than in air, now you see when the magnets run in the wire they hesitate to run out of the wire across the same way as they came in, so more of the new magnets are coming in the crosswise, then they can get out crosswise, so they get pushed out through the wire lengthwise.

Double helical magnetic interactionLeedskalnin. Those who want to know how North and South pole individual magnets contract the muscles.

Edward Leedskalnin – Wikipedia

These three different things are the construction blocks of everything. On June 5, he filled in his draft registration in Oregon stating that he was self-employed and engaged in ax-handle manufacturing. My discovery has more to do with Ed Leedskalnin’s generator. Magnetic Current was first published in and the only source for any of these pamphlets is the Coral Castle gift shop. In that case both forces that make magnet poles should run around a common core the core could be a particle of sunlight.

Do you also see the arrows?? Leedskalnin explains that the AC coming from the transformer outside of your house is AC before it hits the transformer so the poles inside transformer alternate. This indicates that electricity the same as a magnet bar is composed of two equal forces, and each force is running one against the other in whirling right hand twist, but those forces in the wire have higher speed, and both forces are coming out across from the same wire. Move the one in back forward until it hits the one in front.


Do Re “Mi” Mi Moon? He built Coral Castle all by himself, cutting the stone right out of the ground blow.

That green chlorophyll was not so green in the first place. It also has the ability to reverse the direction of it’s forward movement degrees; yet always uses the same direction of axial rotation to propagate — to the right, when screwing in the direction of either pole.

Those free circulating north and south individual magnets are the building material for the magnet metal we find in the earth. They are the cosmic forces.

They are the boosk blocks of nature’s perpetual transformation of matter, and they are so small that they can pass through everything. It became green by evaporation.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Put the south leedsialnin magnet north side of the loop, this time it will pull the loop in.

Edward Leedskalnin’s Writings / Booklets

Next day shipping to anywhere in the world. This means the steel magnet changed the magnet poles in the iron filings, and so they jumped away. The trouble with the physicists is, they use indirect and ultra-indirect methods to come to their conclusions.

Variation of Lockheed Martin patent by Boyd Bushman. Our brains quickly answer the questions our eyes ask, too fast in my opinion, we can miss out on soo much!