I am going to do a mini-review for the rest of these books. I have looked at things like the writing and the plot progression in depth before and I. Read story Everworld #4 – Realm of the Reaper by colin_08 with reads. realm, applegate, everworld. Chapter I. This book picks up again where #3 left off, with the kids wandering the forest, lost and clueless and without a goal in mind. When they stumble.

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Published November by Scholastic Paperbacks first published September 1st This was the world where cause and effect were always cause and effect; they did not reverse order.

Along the way they find Senna, and once again we end on a cliffhanger. I have five shallow puncture wounds across the rexlm of my shoulders. He loves science and everything has to have an explanation.

Realm of the Reaper by K. A. Applegate | Scholastic

But seven was the number. ApplegateRealm of the Reaper. But it was here, here in this world that I stood helpless at my sink, and washed my hands again because the number, you see, is seven. I will tear your mind apart, mortal.

Along the way they find Senna, and once again we end on a cliffhanger. Mar 11, Alex rated it really liked it Shelves: Book 2 Land of Loss Project Everworld: My pillow was damp.


Project Everworld: Book #4 Realm of the Reaper

David just as desperate — though less honest — about wanting to stay. I am counting this book as “a book for children” in my Reading Challenge from challies. I liked the the is super logical. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Sep 24, Joana rated it liked it Shelves: Sometimes what makes one man strong makes another weak.

I believe it may involve the attraction of a crystal, or possibly just fluctuations in my own magnetic fields. So this was probably back to being more of a 3-star book Loki’s daughter Hel, half living and seductive, half dead and putrid, starts drawing our heroes into her underworld. As the final POV book of the core quartet, it’s interesting seeing his relationships to the others too.

Stories Have Power

He is enslaved to his mind and he hates it. Here she is very similar to the mythology version. May 06, Adam Smith rated it it was amazing.

Even Christopher, usually the most needlessly provocative of the lot, starts playing his role in keeping the peace in the group.

Project Everworld: Book #4 Realm of the Reaper – The Moonlight Library

I put away the soap, I tried to walk away. I’d already gone to five.


April’s nose was bleeding. This book picks up again where 3 left off, with the kids wandering the forest, lost and clueless and without a goal in mind. Anyways, Hel has her own town, and yeah Hel is a woman.

But then, quite calmly, the pig climbed down off me. He shot a look at April. Apr 20, Jing rated it it was amazing Shelves: The plot structure is still lacking, though, casting them on from adventure to adventure — it’s definitely far more like A Series of Unfortunate Events, say, with just a nonstop sequence of events and the characters not having much agency.

Do you imagine I chose you at random?

Two more and I would be free, for a while. David is still dealing with his hero complex, Jalil is fighting his personal demons, and Christopher is becoming more and more obsessed with leprechauns.

Jalil is the only black character, and Christopher sometimes yhe racist comments or jokes. Apr 24, Molly rated it really liked it. Finish in one day.