Rohinton Mistry’s enthralling novel is at once a domestic drama and an intently observed portrait of present-day Bombay in all its vitality and corruption. Warm, humane, tender and bittersweet are not the words one would expect to describe a novel that portrays a society where the government is. A quarter of the way through Family Matters, Yezad divides the Indian authors who write about Partition into two camps. On the one hand are.

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Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry [A Review]

Just goes to show how people can turn greedy, mean spirited and careless. The uncertainty of life. This time he breaks an famoly. But the bhonsrino kept refusing to pay. Why is it important to our familg of Bombay life that we understand just how little space people are living in? The names of the two blocks attest to different classes of dwelling: This study guide contains the following sections: For example Yezad started gambling illegally because he was having a hard time making ends with the added financial stress medical costs, etc.

Though he faces the bitterness of his step-children every day, and his mattesr age brings considerable health problems, Nariman is mostly at peace with his past and remains jovial and optimistic.

A very realistic story written by some sense of humor. So in a fit of meanness they send their step father to Roxanne. Want to Read saving…. The book begins on Nariman Vakeel’s seventy-ninth birthday.


Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry

Get Family Matters from Amazon. At the end of the main part of the novel Roxana, Yezad, and the boys take Nariman back to Chateau Felicity.

Like with A Fine BalanceI was in complete awe at how deftly Mistry wrote realistic yet poetic dialogue, and weaved the struggles and problems of India at large into a single cast of memorable, yet “ordinary” characters. Email Address never made public.

Its not a fast read book i should say.

Quickly the crisis of the novel occurs as Nariman suffers an accident, rendering him immobile. For Yezad, it’s religion.

It’s all a bit of a mystery

How does Mistry express his ambivalence about the Parsis? How does his presence in the novel illuminate the lives of those less privileged, and even more unfortunate, than the Chenoy and Vakeel families?

He mixed the odours of past and present and softly pressed the nozzle to fill the future room with a foreign aroma that became our own on mattera our skins. Having Parkinson’s rohiton is no picnic, Amazing, how a photo shows you things that your eyes forgot to see.

Today is Friday, Nov. What it is an honest exploration of family life. View all 5 comments. India is so large and diverse that it is impossible to give a comprehensive assessment on any event and amtters a story-teller has to choose a point of view.

View all 16 comments. Maximum City” couldn’t – I could see, smell and feel the mega-city throughout the pages of this both realistic and nostalgic novel.

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Even living with his step-children, Coomy and Jal, they weren’t able to take good care of their father. There is more to the title than first meets the eye. Follow Us on Facebook. This is an exquisite book. Nariman is saturated in English literature: So we tell the same story, over mattfrs over. The salvation for the poisoning of his soul from such experiences comes from an unlikely source as Yezad rediscovers his Zoroastrian faith and his Parsi traditions.

View all 8 comments.

Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry – Reading Guide – : Books

So from the beginning this story really hit home, basically had something similar to this happen in my husband’s family, although I felt this was a bit exaggerated.

His affair with a Goan woman, Lucy, therefore brings considerable acrimony between father and son. His arrival and deterioration threaten to destroy the harmony between Roxanna and her husband Rohinnton. So we tell the same story, over and over. Please try again later. What perspective do the names of these buildings—Chateau Felicity and Pleasant Villas—cast on the lives lived within katters

The Parsis, followers of an ancient Persian religion, were in colonial days an influential and highly respected minority in India. How seriously are we to take the ideas of Mr.