Frederick Cossom Hollows (–), ophthalmologist, was born on 9 April at Dunedin, New Zealand, second of four sons of Joseph Alfred Hollows. Hollows, Frederick Cossum (Fred) – Biographical entry – Encyclopedia of Australian Science, Bright Sparcs is a biographical, bibliographical. Born in Dunedin, New Zealand Fred had originally studied to become a minister of religion; but during a summer holiday job at a mental health.

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No one had ever offered to carry my load before, but it boography too good an offer to refuse. He was survived by his wife, a son and daughter from his first marriage, and a son and four daughters from his second.

It has been estimated that more than one million people in the world can see today because of initiatives instigated by Hollows, the most notable example being The Fred Hollows Foundation. As a child he loved going to church with his family. Randwick, New South WalesAustralia. Bkography government funding in allowed him to establish the National Trachoma and Eye Health Program in association with the Royal Australian College of Ophthalmologists; he was appointed director, with Gordon Briscoe, a Mardudjara-Pitjantjatjara man from Central Australia, his deputy.

Inafter seeing two senior Aboriginal men from Wattie Creek as eye patients, he was invited to their camp in the Northern Territory.

He grew up in a strong Christian home, but Fred decided not to follow in his faith after working in a mental hospital, seeing that those in the secular world could be just as caring. The way that Fred helped others is why he is known to Australians. He established intraocular lens laboratories in both Eritrea and Nepal to provide lenses for those in need at an affordable cost. He had been diagnosed with the disease six years earlier, in He quickly realized he would need more specialized education in order to reach his dream of helping the poor.

Fred Hollows Biography – Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline

Fred Hollows was an Australian ophthalmologist who is known for providing quality eye care to those in need throughout the world. Archived from the original PDF on 23 October To counter the extortionate prices of Western manufacturers, he began to raise funds to establish lens factories in Eritrea, Vietnam, and Nepal. He spent his money and time to help others in the poorer parts of Australia who could not see well or biogeaphy suffering from trachoma.


It was very real.

Fred Hollows

In Fred got married to a lady named Mary Skiller. Hollows was also instrumental ferd reducing the cost of eye care in developing countries by setting up intraocular lens factories in Nepal and Eritrea. He wanted to be a minister but he changed his mind when he found his love of science. Inhe visited Nepal to assist in the training of local technicians and to reduce the cost of eye biogralhy. While employed during his holidays as a guide, he met Mary Skiller d.

He prescribed more than 10, glasses and he enjoyed every bit of it. After working a summer job in a mental hospital in Porirua, he realized that he wanted to help people in another way. Hollows was married twice: After completing a Bachelor of Arts, Fred Hollows turned his attentions to the priesthood.

In Gabi accepted on his behalf the Schweitzer award of excellence dred the Chapman University of California. This info is totally inaccurate. He declined the award of honorary Officer of the Order of Australia in Retrieved from ” https: A year or so after his death his family, friends and supporters decided to set up the Fred Hollows foundation which raised over six million dollars to help fund people in need of eye sight.

The work of Fred Hollows has been monumental in advancing the number of people who are now able to receive eye care; he has helped over one million people regain sight through his efforts. Ffed Hollows was a renowned Australian ophthalmologist known for his efforts to provide quality health care for the under privileged. While he never traveled the world sharing the gospel, he did bring medical training and treatment to Yollows, Africa and many third-world countries.


After he married Gabi he was awarded Australian human rights medal for treating thousands of people suffering from trachoma.

She continued the work of his foundation; intra-ocular lens factories in Nepal, Eritrea, and Vietnam started production after his death. He loved helping people as best as he could and he treated more that 30, people that were not able to see hoklows. Fred could not believe the poor standard of health.

Australian Dictionary of Biography

Diagnosed with metastatic renal cancer inHollows died on 10 February in his home at Randwick. Over a three year period this program screenedAustralians. This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat There was a first wife Mary. National Library of Australia, In Julywith Mum Shirl Smith and others, he set up the Aboriginal Medical Service in suburban Redfern in Sydney, and subsequently assisted in the establishment of medical services for Aboriginal People throughout Australia.

Kerr Publishing, text-indent: By using this site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. He briefly studied at a seminary, but decided against a life in the clergy.

My maiden name is Skiller the same as Mary’s and have researched the marriage. Audible Download Audio Books. He is known to the world in the ways that he gave people some of their eye sight back. He grew up as a dutiful member of the Churches of Christ and, influenced by his father, became interested in social justice.

He developed a love of mountain climbing, which became his main source of recreation and relaxation. Use double quotes to search for a phrase. In his spare time he hollws loved to ski and mountain climb with his friends because every now and then he loved the thrill.