Raven is a deeply disturbed teenager, who, after witnessing the death of his mother, is placed in foster care. The Russells do their best to earn his trust, but only. Buy a cheap copy of From Where I Stand book by Tabitha Suzuma. Raven is a deeply disturbed teenager, who, after witnessing the death of his mother. From Where I Stand by Tabitha Suzuma – book cover, description, publication history.

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This book made me cry and wince. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

He gets put with the “Russles”, who have one childa daughter named Ella. He’s lost his mother, taabitha doesn’t feel like he belongs anywhere and he’s being bullied at school.

But I don’t know whether that’s just because I tend to look too in-depth into books People would rush over to you, bend over you, and someone would pull out a mobile phone and call an ambulance. I do want aszuma know if he does get to ffrom weekends with his dad and brother after like his dad said although Raven held a knife against Billy so would his father even allow them to be in the same room together?


He did make friends in the end with a lovely girl, Lotte, but not without a lot of angst on the pages.

From Where I Stand by Tabitha Suzuma – book review

I follow instructions without looking up, quietly going insane. Side by side, they stared straight ahead into the darkness. If I hurt myself, I feel worse. It’s heart-rending and beautifully handled.

Tabitha Suzuma is an amazing writer, and her writing seems to flow, so you get a complete image in your head of what’s going on. Sep 21, Rants and Bants rated it it was amazing Shelves: Together they team up and set a plan to expose Raven’s mother’s killer.

From Where I Stand

Add me on Facebook: The Best Books of Steve turned back to Lotte. She dripped a little of the real Raven bit by bit. From the get-go, you had the feeling things weren’t exactly going to go well, or end well, for Raven. Like i said, amazing book.

I wouldn’t rate it the best book I’ve ever read but I was definitely interested throughout the whole book. Quite creepy and sad, but green is my favorite color, so It hurt to breathe.

In Tabitha Suzuma left classroom teaching to divide her time between writing and tutoring. Read an Extract Compare Prices. However, she hated school and would sit at the back of the class and write stories, which she got away with because her teachers thought she was taking notes.


From Where I Stand by Tabitha Suzuma

I’d say this is more 3. Traumatised by seeing his mother die, Raven is now faced with a foster family and a new school where he is continually bullied. You’re stuck inside Raven’s head, it seems like you can’t escape before you know everything about him and his mother’s death.

Jackie and Dan are so sweet, and Ella is wonderful, especially for a stqnd old. Book ratings by Goodreads.

I still love all the others, and I still love all the other protagonists and characters, but man oh man…this one blew me away. At some points I was not sure whether I found certain events realistic or not but after a full understanding of the plot I was ttabitha to decide the reasons behind characters motives were justified.

Her first novel, A Note of Madness was published to great critical acclaim.