Gainins Experience Home Workshop Prototype Rreaims HMmM MK-opMng trap gun. One of the gunsmiths I knew, I don’t there to try to learn something new. The Paperback of the Home Workshop Prototype Firearms: How To Design, Build , And Sell Your Own Small Arms by Bill Holmes at Barnes. , English, Book, Illustrated edition: Home workshop prototype firearms: how to design, build, and sell your own small arms / Bill Holmes. Holmes, Bill.

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A prime example of this comes from a letter I received from a would-be gun builder who resides In a northwestern homeworskhop, describing an automatic rifle which he said he intended to build.

Return to Book Page. They offered no advan- tage over the fireaems bolt Lever actions are only used on rifles at pre- sent. There is no reason to bdleve that they arc any amarter now than they were then.

A final polish should be applied using grit wet or dry paper followed by crocus cloth. If the assault-type barrel is used, it is made in the same way, except that no threaded bands are required. Pistol brakes can, in many instances, be machined directly into the barrel without any iiurease in length or diameter. I have used synthetic stocks and orends myselt in the fabrication of military-type weapons and, at one time. A really effective brake will be some 2 Inches long when Installed on a rifle barrel, around 6 Inches long on a shotgun, and anywhere from I to 2 Inches on a pistol.

Overall length Is dictated by the length of the bolt and the cartridge used. If it’s a turn bolt a cocking cam must also be cut Fireadms a shotgun and most. The homeworkwhop receiver homeworksshop cut from a aeparate piece of himeworkshop stock and the breechblock opening made.

Many gunsmiths, in an attempt to save money, buy only a finish reamer and use it to cut the entire chamber. Be warned that Inexperienced federal agents may very well tty to seize shotguns equipped with dte muzzk brakes described here. The breechblock is machined to a slip fit inside the receiver opening.

Then, with a slightly round nosed cutting tool fed with a fairly fast feed, the portion between homeqorkshop tail stock and the steady rest is turned to rize. It fired without being locked and blew the bolt to the rear.


I designed and built a double rifle once.

Home Workshop Prototype Firearms – Bill Holmes – Paladin Press.pdf

It can bs tuUmMle. But it wasn’t long before I was contacted by some of the people I had dealt with before wanting various special purpose guns, so 1 was right back into design and fabrication again.

This should be kept In mind when designirtg the firearm, sitKe quite a bit of fabrication time can be saved. They are also found made from, and other alloys, Leaf springs are mostly made from material with a high carbon content. Using a wire-type silver solder of to percent sil- ver content, the Joint and surrounding metal is heated until It Just begins to turn red and the end of the solder touched to the Joint.

Provision shwld be made for the buttstock to be attached to this assembly.

Home Workshop Prototype Firearms: How to Design, Build, and Sell Your Own Small Arms

Calibers were interchangeable by switching barrels and boltheads. I built and marketed such a protoytpe at one Ume. This miy be true for certain experts. The same designs can be scaled up or down to fire rifle or pistol cartridges.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Home Workshop Prototype Firearms: How to Design, Build, and Sell Your Own Small Arms by Bill Holmes

Use a slightly round itose tool for this and a slow feed to get the flnest finish possible. Lists with This Book. Pat boys with thick cheeks will require slighdy more. Obtain a can of remover and thin- ner at the same time.

So If 1 seem prejudiced toward these guns, bear with me. The bolt must be long enough so that in the closed and locked position, it extends fat enough past the rear of the magazine opening for the Mng mechanism — whether it be ham- mer fired, striker fired, or whatever— to mate with the parts in the lower receiver. The numbers associated with these steels, in case anyone Is wondering, are partial descrip- tions of their compositions. Round and flat stock Is available from the same source.

This may work for some people. These same people sell what they call ‘thin wall’ choke tubes measuring. The high schorl 1 attended had a well-equipped metal shop as well as a wood shop— and, most important, an instructor who actually took a keen interest In anyone who really wanted to learn. I none were available at a price I could afford.


These gas-operated actions usually will do more toward recoil reduction than the other types. The threading should be finished and the face cut square before the material is removed from the lathe. The lugs are rotated by an angled cam cut in the bolt body, which bears against a pin projecting from the bolt head, and cams It Into rotation through forward and rear- ward movement of the bolt body.

In certain cases, a trigger guard is cut to shape and welded or silver sNdered to the lower side of the receiver. Triggers, hammers, and the like can be sawn to dupe as dosely as possible from flat stock and finished by milling, filing, and grindmg.

This can result in considerably mcne effort required to lift the boll In a three- or four-lug action than needed with the two-lug job. They can also be folded from sheet metal and welded in place. If a bolt slot is cut from the ejection port entirely through the rear end as will be required to allow Installation and removal of the trait in the bolt-action gun, the end cap should be left solid across the top to keep the bolt slot from spreading.

Here I intended to do gun repair and custom rifle and Oalning Experience shotgun work. Movement to ther to the rear in relation to the hamma; it Is the rear of the bolt tides the disconnector down- also possible to obtain an easier trigger pull ward, camming the trigger bar out of engage- slnce the camming lever portion of the trigger menl with the sear.

So, anyone devoting Shotgun recoil can be reduced greatly through enough effort to design and buUd a gun from use of the muzzle brake design shown in now on with the intention of being able to mar- Chapter