Download scientific diagram | Moulton’s Hydragas suspension system [21] from publication: Recent developments in passive interconnected vehicle suspension . Find great deals on eBay for mgf hydragas suspension. Shop with confidence. Hydragas suspension (Moulton-Dunlop) the conical piston and the tapered displacer chamber skirt as the suspension deflects up and down when the wheels.

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We fitted this system to the original Mini of These cars could have uncompromised damping which, with the wheel at each corner layout.

suspenson The system hyeragas nitrogen gas as the springing medium and hydraulic fluid pressure drop as the damping mechanism. One unit was held at its datum position while the other was moved.

The stiffness, or resistance of the system to such wheel motions, is clearly lower than it would be were the interconnection removed.

The design of the displacer units, and the way in which they are mounted means that as the suspension is compressed, the roughly spherical displacer deforms, and hence presents a larger area to the mounting plates.

The system replaces the separate springs and dampers of a conventional suspension system with integrated, space suzpension, fluid filled displacer units which are interconnected between the front and rear wheels on each side of the vehicle.

When a front wheel encounters a bump fluid is transferred to the corresponding rear displacer then lowers the rear wheel, hence uydragas the rear, minimising pitch associated with the bump.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The third model treated the inertial and compressibility effects by inserting a mass into the spring-damper system.

Past and Future — Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He was given a free hand to do what he liked, more or less.


The Maxi featured designed Hydrolastic units with the regulator valve fitted with the interconnection pipe. In Alex Moulton founded the Moulton Bicycle company to build his innovative design for small wheel bicycles. The combination of higher fluid pressures and increasing piston areas give the system a higher stiffness in bounce and roll than in pitch, possibly obviating the need to fit a front anti-roll bar [2].

Issigonis was determined that he should have interconnected fluid and rubber suspension on his Alvis. However, in production of Hydrolastic bottles at Dunlop came to an end and BL modified the Princess Hydragas bottles to fit. This article needs additional citations for verification.


Bernd Pischetsrieder, with whom I had had encouraging discussions left and the decision was taken that the new Mini should be wholly conventional in its suspension. When practically undeflected ie: A forward-travelling car will first encounter disturbances at the front wheels that tend to lift the front of the car in relation to the rear.

The crash protection has been taken too far. The whole Mini racing thing was started by John Cooper. Each displacer unit contains a rubber spring, and damping is achieved by the displaced fluid passing through rubber valves. The magnitude of the mass was estimated based on the areas of the damper force vs. However, there was a major personnel change at board level.

The Hydragas units used in the present research project were from the new Rover MGF sports car, and featured a smaller-volume gas chamber and a damper valve of different construction. Hydragas is a type of automotive suspension system used in many cars produced by British Leyland and its successor companies.

Society of Automotive Engineers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The first was a linear model that showed reasonable accuracy over restricted frequency ranges.

MGF was the last vehicle platform to use this design. The increase in fluid pressure at the rear unit creates an upward force on the sprung mass, thus reducing the differential between suspension forces on the front and rear of the car body.

The whole of the Midlands was committed to the new project. Interconnecting front and rear suspension units with fluid in pipes meant that the pitch mode was separated from bounce and roll.

We never thought about racing during the design phase; we were worried about safety, particularly when the car was overloaded with lots of students aboard or such like. OK, there were some small problems, such as the floorpan sealing, but when you think of all the technical innovation in that one small vehicle, it was amazingly right, and look how little fundamental change it then needed in the following 40 yearsl The next suspension innovation for the Mini was the Hydrolastic system introduced to the saloon models in Both systems attempt to address the ride-handling compromise of car suspension by interconnecting the suspension of the front and rear of the car in some way.

This is perfectly normal, when new they had a design life of approximately 15 years. The increase in piston area with higher bounce motions causes the resultant increase in fluid pressure to produce an increasingly higher downward restoring force on the wheels.


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I had previously designed the rubber cone suspension system — it was a specially shaped rubber and metal unit that gave a smoothly rising spring rate. Figure 2a [2] shows the general response of an interconnected Hydragas system to pitch-inducing motions in which the front wheel is lifted in hydrragas to the car body, while the rear wheel is lowered.

With the original Mini, we set out to prevent any accidents by having excellent handling, not by cushioning people from the consequences of their own folly The old Mini was the absolute apogee of this philosophy of built-in safety via the handling —people avoided accidents by driving around them. The second model used bilinear spring and damping constants, and was accurate for predicting force at both the front and rear auspension for frequencies from 1 to 10 Hz.

Lord wanted to sweep them away and so Issigonis got the order to build the smallest of his new cars first, a proper miniature four-seater. Suspenslon has striven to transmit some the upward vertical motion of the front wheel into a downward force exerted by the sprung mass on the rear hydragxs, through the rear suspension.

We then worked with Rover on the Minky 2, a one-off based on extended Mini sheetmetal that was essentially a test rig for a potential suspension set-up for their new car.

Hydragas Suspension Info

This effect is particularly good on small cars as their shorter wheelbases are more affected by suspwnsion. Automatic transmission Chain drive Clutch Constant-velocity joint Continuously variable transmission Coupling Differential Direct-shift gearbox Drive shaft Dual-clutch transmission Drive wheel Electrohydraulic manual transmission Electrorheological clutch Epicyclic gearing Fluid coupling Friction drive Gear stick Giubo Hotchkiss drive Limited-slip differential Locking differential Manual transmission Manumatic Parking pawl Park by wire Preselector gearbox Semi-automatic transmission Shift by wire Torque converter Transaxle Transmission control unit Universal joint.

If we do find a defective unit fortunately suspensuon doesn’t happen very often we contact the customer straight away and give them the opportunity to send us another unit, if we encounter a defective unit there is no charge for that particular unit.