I have finished working on a new faxrcvd. Have a look and if you like what you see, by all means use it. I have made a lot of changes so I. /var/spool/hylafax/bin/faxrcvd is in hylafax-server This file is owned by root:root, with mode 0o The actual contents of the file can be viewed below. The /var/log/hylafax/capi4hylafax contains: May 19 []: c2faxrecv – INFO: Fax received and calling ‘/var/spool/fax/bin/faxrcvd.

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Modify the user to allow sufake the faxrcvd and cleanup.

In that case a separate attachment is created for each filetype. The file in recvq must already be present and with proper permissions, presumeably it’s leftover from a previous fax. Update as necessary for the target environment.

Ubuntu Manpage: faxrcvd – HylaFAX notification script for received facsimile

Ideally this is done by creating a customized faxrcvd script in a different filename or by copying the default script to a different filename, customizing that new file, and then using FaxRcvdCmd in the modem config file to point faxgetty 8C at the customized script. Multiple values may be specified by separating them with whitespace.


It is given as an e-mail address.

It is designed to be customizable by the administrator. Now cleanup those user mods. Consult the faxrcvd script directly. Hylafax typically runs as the user uucpthis example has Samba use the same account.

It’s not necessary or required to change the homedir back.

This includes interacting with external services, or executing commands like curl to make HTTP notifications. In small organisations it can be desireable to replace a cumbersome fax machine with a computer and modem.

faxrcvd(8) – Linux man page

See Also Hylafax home page Samba home page. Create a share that is only accessable to a single user and force all connections to that user. Create the directory and change ownership accordingly. SUBADDR the received subaddress value, communicated by the sender for post-reception routing purposes Other shell variables are available. We plan to follow this with a document about a more complex FaxDispatch operation.

LANG controls the localization of the text of the received fax notification. If there are no pre-existing TIF files in the directory any will do, name doesn’ matter either only to Hylafax, no user mode testing. Configure Samba Share Point Create a share that is only accessable to a single user and force all connections to that user.


BCCTO controls the blind copy recipient of the received fax notification. MSG is equivalent to error-msg above. The FaxDispatch script is run as a shell script, so can use whatever features your default shell has.

The default script sends electronic mail to the FaxMaster user describing the content of the facsimile and other useful information such as the time spent receiving the document. It is not necessary to send a new fax everytime to test Hylafax.