Our Kenics TM static mixers utilize process specific elements in a housing for continuous flow applications. The elements use the energy from the process. Kenics static mixers have set the standard for inline mixing and heat transfer performance. We incorporate advanced technology into every static mixer to give. The mapping approach is applied to study the distributive mix- ing in the, widely industrially used, Kenics static mixer. The flexibility of the mapping method.

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Static mixer – Wikipedia

Magnetic stirrervortex mixer. Your mixed satisfaction is the result of the advanced technologies we use to analyze and solve your mixing problems. Metals recovery by solvent extraction? Typical applications for the HEVinclude all low-viscosity liquid-liquid blending processes, as kenids as gas- gas mixing.

Used for process applications,including polymers, plastics, adhesives, hydrocarbon processing, and food industries? In the plate type design mixing is accomplished through intense turbulence in the flow. Mass transfer rates are dramatically enhanced to maximize absorption or reaction.

The KM Static Mixer produces rapid mixing by inducing circular patterns that reverse direction at each element intersection. Open the catalog to page 4. Open the catalog to page 3. The Disposable kenis Mixer ” “.

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Kenics Static Mixer

The HEV is ideal for processes where pressure loss and length are critical. Each tab of the HEV StaticMixergenerates a pair of streamwise counter-rotat- ing vortices that produce vigorous Extrusion A special line of KM style mixers, called Thermogenizers, are available to blend thermal gradients as well as supplemental color and additive blending. The latest design involve static mixing elements made of glass-lined steel.

The alternating helical elements of the KM Static Mixer continually divide, stretch and reorient the flow stream to produce complete mixing with minimum pressure drop.

Fertilizer and pesticide preparation?

Open the catalog to page By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mixe the streams move through the mixer, the non-moving elements continuously blend the materials. Additional velocity reversal and flow division results from combining alternating right- and left-hand elements, thus increasing mixing efficiency.

Acid solvent cabinet Biosafety cabinet Fire blanket Fire extinguisher Fume hood.

mixet EV high-efficiency static mixers stafic all turbulent-flow mixing applications regardless of line size or shape. Similarly, the mixer housing can be made of metal or plastic. Plug flow finishing reactors? The housed-elements mixer’s fixed, typically helical elements can simultaneously produce patterns of flow division and radial mixing:. Gases can be incorporated into turbulent liquids using the KM Static Mixer. The static mixer traces its origins to an invention for a mixing device filed on Nov.


Lab coat Face shield Respirator Rubber apron Safety shower.

Kenics Static Mixer Design

Beaker Gas syringe Vial. Open the catalog to page 9.

Chemineer Prochem Kenics Greerco. In the KM Static Mixer, thepatented tab geometry maximizes the conversion of turbulent energy into efficient mixing.

The uniform turbulent shear field of the KM Static Mixer quickly disperses immiscible liquids and produces a narrow drop size distribution. Chemineer incorporates ad- vanced technology into every Kenics Mixer to give you reli- able,uninterrupted performance that you can depend on for the long term.

A common application is mixing nozzles for two-component adhesives e. Limited to round pipe, tubing or duct Retention types: Mixer housings feature plain, threaded, weld prep or flanged ends for easy installa- tion. Open the catalog to page 7.

Mixing Applications Turbulent Blending The KM Static Mixer produces rapid mixing by inducing circular patterns that reverse direction at each element intersection. Open the catalog to page 6. Effective for both heating andcooling of viscous fluids? The Online Industrial Exhibition. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers.

Plain ends accommodate a wide variety of common fittings?