Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Kinzer, Stephen. Overthrow: America’s century of regime change from Hawaii to Iraq I Stephen Kinzer. Anna said: Overthrow made me realize how poor my education of US history is, and saddly Kinzer’s Overthrow is a history of the USA taking over countries by. With “Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq,” Stephen Kinzer, a former New York Times foreign correspondent, analyzes the.

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Jul 29, Kevin rated it liked it Shelves: The book makes ovwrthrow powerful argument about the nature of U. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Kinzer could have explored this idea a bit more. Kinzer’s politics is that the sleazy machinations that resulted in the annexation of Hawaii and the disgusting war of conquest that brought us Puerto Rico ended up bringing undeniable material and political benefits to the natives of those countries, who are today quiet content to live under Yankee “imperialism” and would- and have- rejected independence when given the choice. Oct 11, CV Rick rated it it was amazing Shelves: The common theme throughout our involvement across the globe has been corporate profit.

Oct 04, Kathleen Brugger rated it really liked it. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This article about a book on international relations is a stub. The book is very informational.

Stephen Kinzer: The 14 Governments the US has Overthrown | History News Network

knzer Bush to William McKinley: Jan 22, Anna rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Regime change has been a tool of US foreign policy for more than a years, and Kinzer makes a good case that we should only use it in extreme circumstances. Senate voted to help Cubans overthrow Spanish colonialism, and promised that American troops would withdraw as soon as the rebellion was won.

The Filipino guerilla leader, Emilio Aguinaldo, understood that his people were promised their independence by Admiral Dewey, who later swore he made no such commitment. Starting with the overthrow of the Hawaiian A fast-paced narrative history of the coups, revolutions, and invasions by which the United States has toppled fourteen foreign governments — not always to its own benefit “Regime change” did not begin with the administration of George Voerthrow.


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Stephen Kinzer is an award-winning foreign correspondent who has reported from more than fifty countries on four continents. In OverthrowStephen Kinzer tells the stories of the audacious politicians, spies, military commanders, and business executives who took it upon themselves to depose monarchs, presidents, and prime ministers.

I’ve been interested in the history of U. I think one would be better off reading specifics on any one of the countries and changes involved to get a deeper understanding.

Overall, an excellent book. The book is worth it for these stories and for the characters that Kinzer unearths. This rarely gets done here, and you get the impression that the “great men” of American history really are essential to its fucked-up history. I hated the writing style very repetetive – he needs an excellent editor and I had a hard time with the one-sided point of view – in particular, I thought Kinzer was extraordinarily freehanded i I didn’t particularly enjoy this book.

He lives in Chicago. I wonder which they’ll choose.

Misinformation ridiculous, if not pathetically predictable: Right up to Iraq. It’s an absurd notion that’s the cherry on top of the shit sundae that is the final chapter, a chapter that openly espouses the idea that we should spread our values to the world, but we should be nice about it, and do it more like we did in South Korea or South Africa what he means by this I honestly have no idea, especially with regards to South Korea and less like we did with Iran, or Cuba, or North Korea.

Most of these leaders wanted to avoid Soviet dominance as much as US control, creating much room for negotiation and incentivizing that could draw them into the US sphere or at least benevolent neutrality.


A Hell of a Time Up at the Palace. In OverthrowStephen Kinzer tells the stories of the audacious politicians, spies, military commanders, and business executives who took it upon themselves to depose monarchs, presidents, and prime ministers.

A friend of America, Diem was murdered and the war was lost anyway. His examples include mini-histories of the U. And thirdly, as a democratic republic, we must be ever vigilant to elect leaders who are intelligent enough, and honest enough, not to let themselves be duped into foreign intervention for corporate greed US agri-giants in Central Americabecause of media-induced hysteria the Spanish waror for foreign interests. Try Haiti for example, where the US occupied the country from to and again during the Clinton administration.

Needless to say, things rarely turned out as expected. This time the victim was President Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala, who supported a land-reform program that affected the United Fruit Company. Every American should read this book.

Stephen Kinzer talks book OVERTHROW America’s Century Regime Change

Our record in Central America is particularly shameful. Being leftist or anti-American doesn’t necessarily make you a Communist. The first CIA overthrow of a foreign government was in Iran in Hawaii was a stable monarchy before the American sugar plantation owners felt they were being prevented from making as much profit as they “deserved” so a coup was instigated and funded by the US government.

We have conquered, subverted, overthrown, bullied, and invalidated nations, leaders, and citizens around the world. I am shocked that I hadn’t learned overtjrow some of these coups in, overtrow, my foreign policy to Latin America class in college or any one of my other international relations courses.

I ended up liking this book more than I expected.