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Kris De Brabanter, Jos De Brabanter, Bart De Moor, Irène Gijbels, Derivative estimation with local points sampled from that density, for example via the mean-shift algorithm of Fukunaga and Hostetler (). Pages: Frank K. Tittel, Angelo Sampaolo, Pietro Patimisco, Lei Dong, Antonina Geras, Tomasz Starecki, and Vincenzo Spagnolo. Author Information. Abstract. Brownian fluctuations in the highly reflective test-mass coatings are the dominant noise source, in a frequency band from a few tens to.

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This site uses cookies. The Influence of Age Free. February 19, Published: Although boron-doped diamond film BDD electrodes have a higher OEP and better oxidation performance, its preparation is complicated and costly. Harry, J- Hough, J-M. Summers Rada; Allan F. Deeba Husain; Rosana D. Lfi all the presentation of a rational basis and a sound underlying hypothesis for the work is of particular importance, whatever its exact field.


The size scale is shown on the bottom right hand side. Microbes fail to develop resistance to three new potential agents in early tests.

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters

These losses can be decreased by increasing the ratio between the prong length and its thickness. Daniello; Byron Silver; Matthew M. Quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy A. Clinical and Epidemiologic Research. Sodium glycerophosphate, acephate, glyphosate, and adenosine triphosphate were used as simulated samples to evaluate our proposed method, and three inland water samples were collected for comparison between standard digestion and electro digestion.

Reinhardt; Li Tang; Mona K.

Express 24AA Most Cited Articles The most cited articles published sinceextracted from 9175. Citing articles from OSA journals and other participating publishers are listed here. Yajun Zheng Colin M. Support losses are the dominant energy dissipation processes when the QTFs vibrate at the first overtone mode.

Volume 51 Issue 12 | IOVS | ARVO Journals

Pinto, and Riccardo DeSalvo Opt. February 23, Manuscript Accepted: Yu; Chandrakumar Balaratnasingam; Stephen J.

Purchase this article with an account. Di Franco, and V. Progression of Patterns POP: Table 1 Prong sizes, resonance frequencies, node and antinode points measured starting from the top of the prong, for the three investigated QTFs.


A76, ; [Crossref]. Please login to set citation alerts. Equations displayed with MathJax. Username Password I forgot my password Register new account.

Connell; Sushil Vasudevan; Michael A. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Andreas Ebneter; Robert J. De Natale, and G. January 15, Revised Manuscript: Christensen; Torunn Fiskerstrand; Per M.

Equations on this page are rendered with MathJax. Gabriele; Hiroshi Ishikawa; Joel S. Purchase this article with an account. When authors co-submit and publish a method 626 in MethodsX, it appears on ScienceDirect linked to the original research article in this journal. Fejer, Roger Route, and Steven D. Thermal noise from optical coatings in gravitational wave detectors Gregory M.