The origin of the Direct Laryngoscopy Video System. Our video system is considered the best practice for laryngoscopy, intubation, oxygenation, and surgical. The latest Tweets from Richard Levitan (@airwaycam). Airway obsessed ED doc passionate about larynx and mountains. Live free or die there are greater evils. Overall goals and objectives: 1. Review airway anatomy pertinent to mask ventilation, supraglottic airways, laryngoscopy, and intubation. 2.

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10 Pearls from the Levitan Airway Course

Yep, game changing way to think levitna laryngoscopy. The best lecture on Airway Management—Ever? Cite this post as: Emergency Ventilation in 11 Minutes from reuben strayer on Vimeo. When I trained, there were two options: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Straight-to-cuff stylet shaping prevents the tube from obscuring your view of the larynx while it is being inserted.

Paradoxically, many of the patients who need a cric will have poorly palpable neck anatomy. Amazing lecture…recommending to everyone at my aiway, especially students. Amelia J Nugent, DO.


When encountering a difficult airway, I still have a tendency to reach for the hyperangulated blade, based on my training. Levitan pointed out that there are different designs of the MAC4 blade, with wide variation in the size of the base. There is a greater risk of vomiting, and laryngeal exposure is more difficult. Instead of the needle you might want to use a knife.

Care should be taken to avoid this. Thanks for hosting it. Make sure you can use ldvitan airway lwvitan, including the oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airways.

Surgical Airway Trainer — Operational Medicine. However, Levitan has persuaded me that the standard-geometry blade with video capability is the best way to go for most cases, since this combines the power of direct laryngoscopy with video laryngoscopy in a single tool.

Advanced Airway Management for the Emergency Physician from reuben strayer. Learn how your comment data is processed. Keep up the good work!

Thus, it’s useful to levitn a pre-planned approach about how to optimize laryngeal exposure. Issues such as endotracheal tube placement, suctioning the airway, and clearing foreign bodies are easier with a more direct approach.


Levitan’s airway course in Baltimore.

Airway Management with Rich Levitan

This is purest gold — an incredibly valuable learning resource. Here is an hour long lecture he delivered last month at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Podcast 70 — Airway Management with Rich Levitan.

If the patient is at high risk for emesis i. Thanks for sharing Don. Last week I attended Dr. The bougie should be your best friend in the emergency department! For those of you unable to attend levita course, here are some points which were particularly interesting to me. There is a great discussion about this on the Pharm blog by Mihn Le Cong.

Still the best airway lecture ever.

Visit his airway site at airwaycam.