Editorial Reviews. Review. Cordelia Naismith, Betan Survey Captain, was Shards of Honor (Vorkosigan Saga) – Kindle edition by Lois McMaster Bujold. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Lois McMaster Bujold’s Miles Vorkosigan space operas are among the most popular Shards of Honor is a love story about two adversaries drawn together in a. Shards of Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold – FIRST BOOK FEATURING CORDELIA NAISMITH. Journey back to where it all started, from multiple New York Times.

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Cordelia overhears one critical fact and deduces that the entire invasion was orchestrated by the dying Emperor to remove his unstable son via an honorable death in battle and discredit the war party in order to avert a civil war after his death.

They meet on an almost unexplored planet one day and need to join forces in order to survive. During her investigation, she and Dubauer were surprised by a “hatchet-faced” Barrayaran soldier with a nerve disruptor.

Or if it is, only tangentially, in the ways these grand events impact Cordelia and Aral I feel like they need one of those ‘shipper mash-up names A group of his men have mutinied; the idea was for Vorkosigan to get killed in the attack on the Betans. The humanizing of soldiers and victims of war in particular was well done and heartfelt, and provided a grounding of reality mirroring issues that are relevant today.

I know one thing for sure, this is a very welcome series in my life: Right view spoiler [ ,cmaster hide spoiler ]. It accompanies them as they go along.

Some unforeseen circumstances made them attack Betans which resulted in Cordelia and a high-ranking Barrayar officer Aral Vorkosigan being stranded on the planet with the former being a prisoner of the latter – sort of.


Vorkosigan hides the pair in his cabin. Once again my favorite or of the story is the thought out plot, the imaginative structure of the different cultures nonor their differences, and the balance between action and the more political sections of the story.

Shards of Honour

Wagner took issue with the plausibility of some elements of the novel, but concluded by saying that ” Shards of Buujold is, in the end, a fine debut for Bujold and a fine space opera”. Where are the hot-headed, brash heroes?

I felt like I was entering a bit of a reading slump and I started about 5 books yesterday xhards and couldn’t get into any of them. Dubauer saved her by throwing his body in front of her, taking the brunt of the blast.

Woman and man are soon to be adversaries in an interstellar war, and are torn apart by loyalties to t Be warned: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It introduces the characters of Aral Vorkosigan and Cordelia Naismith and details their first meeting and subsequent romance. Which I’m going to read, because I’ve just discovered my series of the year, I’m afraid. They work together to get off the planet only to get caught up in the increasing tensions and opposing fractions of Barrayar politics. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Forced into proximity, the two of them may learn that although they come from wildly disparate cultures, as individuals they may have more in common than they would have guessed.

I liked the character of Cordelia and to the lesser extent Aral. More books in this series: Faith could be such a bitch at sahrds They are a peaceful research scie This is my first time reading Bujold’s SF but I have tried her fantasy before and very much enjoyed it.

Shards of Honour (Vorkosigan Saga, #1) by Lois McMaster Bujold

Where have you been all my life, Cordelia? Baen; Reprint edition November 3, Language: The Flowers of Vashnoi.

It’s so good that I have to do it all over again. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.


That’s just the beginning of the story, and it progresses with plenty of action, but also with a very realistic, human focus on emotions, values, and decision-making. This is one of them. Aug 15, Emma sharss it really liked it Shelves: This book, Shards of Honor or Honour is sometimes labeled Vorkosigan 1 and sometimes 2.

SF : Shards of Honor / Lois McMaster Bujold ☆☆☆½

Yes, yes, it’s a romance on the battlefield and we have tons of action on a wild planet and in space with outright space battles, but it’s the interactions between all these fantastic characters that makes this shine.

It’s very clear why Aral, being who he is, would find her irresistible and the things that both of them have to overcome to be together make for a great story. Cordelia Naismith is the captain of an astronomical survey ship from the peaceful Beta Colony. There’s some great moments of dialogue between Naismith and Vorkosigan which make you like the two of them, and there’s also a fair but of action as they travel across the hostile lands and try to find help. I alternated listening to this with reading, and while I’m still not in love with the narrator, he is growing on me.

The book is split roughly in two, the first half being Cordelia and Vorkosigan meeting on a neutral planet, and having to survive. But in this entire series which I have reread thrice, I cannot …more Not truly, but with a few important caveat.

Damn, do you really have to be so enthusiastic about this? This mcmasrer was last edited on 28 Juneat Customers who viewed this item also viewed.