Is there a “User” oriented manual that explains how Mantis is intended to be used in a software development environment, one that has at least. 7 MANTIS developers’ guide. 27 Access to the Mantis source code for installation: git clone MANTIS is a free, open source bug tracking software. It can be used to track bug for various software projects. You can easily download and.

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MantisBT is highly customizable through the web interface and configuration files.

MANTIS Bug Tracker Tutorial For Beginners

Otherwise they wouldn’t get their passwords. Disables sending of emails as soon as an action is performed. Step 5 When you click on your issue idit will show the issue in more details like project reporter, its status, date submitted and last updated.

The severity for a newly created issue. This listing will also only display items that are either global or specific to the selected project.

This is a button that appears on the issue view pages for users that are authorized to close issues. At the bottom, there is a list of access levels that are required to change the status to the value listed across the top. Using the current date in the filename can prevent overwriting and nantisbt cataloguing easier.

Disabling the webservice API. This can be due to forgetting their password and possibly user name or email address that they used when signing up. Define the severity level at which a bug becomes significant. The list of actions include: The Administrator needs to configure the bugtracker to handle file uploads. Access level needed to link a custom field to a project. The steps to do that are: An issue can be resolved with one of many resolutions customizable.


If the attachment size is smaller than the specified value, the attachment is previewed with the issue details. The default is OPEN. First, they will display the settings for the particular aspects of the system. Users are able to change their own passwords unless their account is “protected”. The values are integers, typically in the range of 0 to In general, this should be left alone, but administrators may want to delegate some of these settings to managers.

A bit gimmicky, but who cares. Update an issue – The access levels that are allowed to update the header information of an issue. Specifies a file to be included at the bottom of each page. This page allows you to define and edit personal shortcuts.

Define the status at which the issue is considered resolved. Step 8 You can click history at top of the Issue Report, to see issue history.

Specifies the prefix to be used to differentiate tables belonging to a plugin’s schema from MantisBT’s base tables. This feature works with fields like summary, description, additional info, steps to reproduce and notes.


Update readonly issues – The access levels required for a user to be able to modify a readonly issue.

MANTIS Bug Tracker Tutorial For Beginners

These are used to sub-divide the issues stored in the system. This flag also applies to other product version manua, fields like product build, fixed in version, and target version. About the Name 1. So, we have a name that is fairly distinctive and descriptive in multiple ways.

Docs for Administrators

Given a version number Major. In addition, the following fields may ,anual displayed for update: The additional setting of “auto” will use the browser’s default language for the system.

Email – This is not supported out of the box, but there are existing MantisBT patches that would listen to emails on pre-configured email addresses and adds them to the MantisBT database. The port number is optional, and defaults to Note that posting messages is restricted to subscribers so you will have to register before mantistb can send messages; however, there are public archives available if you’re only interested in reading. Default user preferences to enable filtering based on issue severity.

Specifies the number of dates after which the news are not displayed.